We all need champions.

We are committed to providing the best care possible to our employees, but we can’t do it without you.

As a Champion, you’ll be a role model for healthy behavior and positive self-care within your department.

We know you are busy, so your time commitment can be minimal. 

You’ll be the first to receive information about the HealthySteps to Wellness program and related events. You’ll become the trusted voice for the program within your workgroup, sharing wellness news with your co-workers during huddles or meetings.

After you sign up, you’ll receive a Champion pin for your badge to signal your commitment to a healthy work group.

You’ll begin receiving Champion communications within a few weeks.  When you do, we look to you to spread the word about events, posting flyers in your break room, and forwarding important emails to your colleagues.  You’ll also be invited to attend Champion meetings at your work site.


Want to do more?

Champions often take their commitment to a deeper level by working with the HealthySteps to Wellness team and expanding wellness offerings available to their work groups by:

  • Working with your manager to set up a Team Training for your department
  • Encouraging your team to apply for a wellness grant
  • Suggesting nutritious food options for meetings
  • Promoting physical activity by stretching, walking over lunch, or working out with colleagues
  • Contacting us with your wellness questions, suggestions, or requests


Join over 1,500 Champions committed to creating a healthier and happier work environment.  Thank you for helping us create a culture of care for our patients and employees!

Training Videos

  • Enhancing Skill-Power over Will-Power

    Alex Blacker, MPH
    Wellness Manager

    Jordana Harshman, MPH
    Wellness Manager

    Terry Palmer, MS (c)
    Associate Wellness Manager

  • We are Champions

    Alex Blacker
    Wellness Program Manager

    Jordana Harshman
    Wellness Program Manager

    Terry Palmer
    Associate Wellness Program Manager

  • Wellness Champion Training

    Jordana Harshman
    Wellness Program Manager

    Terry Palmer
    Wellness Coordinator

  • Champion Training
    for Wellness Website Navigation

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